Outdoor Surveillance Cameras – Thou Shalt Not Trespass Or Else

When presence of outdoor surveillance cameras is obvious, it only says one thing: No Trespassing. What if you are caught by these inquisitive but tireless eyes?

Forewarned is Forearmed

Almost all homes have home surveillance of sorts and it’s a sure bet that these homes and apartments are geared with outdoor surveillance cameras. These cameras work like a charm. They go on day and night, and rain or shine. These cameras can pan and tilt, and zoom into your face and won’t spare that pus-laden pimple on your nose. That is how vivid the images are when high resolution videos are paired with these powerful cameras.

Trespassers who are blissfully unaware of the implications of being recorded by outdoor surveillance cameras, must know that they are in for a long haul Once a trespasser is caught, warts and all, the chances of his apprehension is high. He can be easily identified and the underground informants can point the police to the right direction. A careful study of the man in person and the image in the video can cinch the arrest.

If you’re the homeowner with those covert outdoor surveillance cameras, don’t erase those recordings if you find a suspicious character frequently visiting the periphery of your property. Double check your locks and make sure all those windows can be properly closed. Check the bathroom window, in case you are living on the ground floor of an apartment. It pays to be ready for anything because thieves are super smart, nimble, and almost invisible.

In Dire Situations

You never can tell what people have on their minds when they believe their security is breached. If your job requires you to serve summons, deliver letters, or inspect homes, you’re the candidate for harassment from homeowners who protect their persons and their properties at all cost. A friendly visit from you will prompt them to take drastic action!

Yes. some homeowners resort to extreme action. The trespass-and-I’ll-shoot types are still around and they’re loaded with outdoor surveillance cameras and have Pit bulls for company. Even if you innocently march up to their doorstep because it’s your job serve court summons, these types will threaten you with their guns. The company of a law officer might sober up the trigger-happy homeowners but take the cue and be careful next time.

The Other Way Around

If you are the homeowner, the sight of a stranger walking up the path in the middle of the night can send shivers down your spine. But during daytime, a stranger knocking on your door shouldn’t freeze you up. With your outdoor surveillance cameras, you can detect if he’s legit but don’t open that door. If he has something to say, let him give his piece. That’s why cameras with two way speakers and audio are ideal for outdoor surveillance.

Trespassers on your property at odd hours should alert you. Call the police immediately if you sense danger or alert your neighbors. When a trespasser senses that people are aware of his presence, he’ll run. It’s no fun being caught trespassing on somebody else property. Even law officers have to seek search warrants before they can get in a suspect’s house.

Now that you know what’s up for trespassers and what you should do if a trespasser dares to stomp on your grounds, get those outdoor surveillance cameras and use them smartly to your advantage.